Working at Vibrant

Work Culture

At Vibrant Group, we recognise the importance of creating a culture that truly empowers each individual with the ability to take initiatives and so that he can become an integral part of a high-performance team. We have put in place robust Human Resources systems and processes for the achievement of this objective. We ensure that our non-formal but structured approach towards HR gives individuals a platform to interact, express and innovate while delivering at the highest levels of performance. This, in turn, fosters a form of transparency that is prevalent both vertically and horizontally.

Our endeavour for constant improvement has led to the implementation of innovative people practices like an improved Performance Management Systems, Leadership Development Program, Capability- Building Framework and the Career Development System. and we have a highly motivated team focused on achieving the business objectives.

HR Initiatives

Human Resources at Vibrant has embarked upon an exercise to analyse, map and improve the level of competency of its employees in a systematic manner. With the existing strong practices of on-the-job training, reinforcing the best practices and formalising them, maximum benefit for the employees and the organisation will be ensured. Through such practices Vibrant has been nurturing some of the best Real Estate experts, challenging and encouraging them at all times to create unique elements in design and operational excellence, while gearing them with the necessary skill-sets to innovate at the same time.

Talent Management

Talent management system has been worked into the business strategy and implemented in daily processes throughout the company and practiced at all levels of the organization. The strategy includes responsibilities for line managers to develop the skills of their immediate subordinates by providing a level playing field. The focus is on sourcing, developing the talent, integrating plans and processes to track and manage employee talent through performance management program, training opportunities and defining apt remunerations.

A Learning Environment

The prime role that HR strives to play at Vibrant, is of being the facilitator of learning. Some new initiatives taken or in the process of being introduced in this direction are:

  • Introduction of online learning and coaching modules
  • Tie-ups with Management and Technical Institutes for learning while you earn to upgrade the qualification levels
  • Sharing of unique experiences and company specific knowledge gathered through the HR portal
  • Passing on of "Good Construction Practices" from Senior experts to relatively newer and junior employees through interactive sessions
  • Leadership Development Programs
  • A host of other behavioural and functional training

Vibrant provides a challenging, motivating and exciting work culture with an environment that is conducive to personal and professional development. We follow an equal opportunities hiring ethic with an emphasis on professional integrity and excellence. So if you think you fit into our blueprint for success, do apply for the positions available or submit your curriculum vitae (CV) for due consideration.