The Vibrant Family

As Vibrant crosses milestones in the journey towards fulfilling its vision – to be the most sought after organization of the 21st century – Group currently employs over direct employment to 34 employees and many indirect employees.

Mumbai is one of the most densely populated and fastest growing cities of the world. The need for affordable residential real estate here is potentially unlimited. Irrespective of the demand and price cycles, the secular trend line is going to be sharply upward sloping.

Many tenanted old buildings in Mumbai have outlived their lives and have become dilapidated. Re-development, renewal and vertical growth, seem the only realistic way to cope with the challenges of urban growth.

At Vibrant, we consider ourselves fortunate in being able to play a significant role in this process of rejuvenation of the city. These impetus in a highly competitive environment along with expanding customer expectations, are bringing up new challenges for the entire real estate industry. These exacting challenges not only inspire us, but we firmly believe that overcoming them will open new avenues for our organisation’s rapid growth and progress.

In this exciting scenario, we intend to propel the skills and competencies acquired in our multiple dimensional businesses to seize bigger opportunities in the re-development space. We are determined to remain focused on our customers, including our rehabilitated households for life. Our vision is to deliver elegant, efficient and effective residences, which the customers would be proud to call their own.

Today, Vibrant Group has a strong networth& has a strong presence in important sectors like real estate, jewellery business & entertainment through independent companies and Vibrant Group continues its journey of building diversified businesses with strong cash flows.

And lastly, if there is a choice amongst being the largest or being the best, we will always strive to be the best.