Management Team

"Leaders craft the path of their followers; set the mark to be achieved and above all collectively takes everyone towards a common pre-set goal..."

‘Management Team’ as the word suggest quantifies the need to manage the organization’s goals, set new objectivesand assure that they will be achieved over the time. At ‘Vibrant Group’ they are more than being ‘management team’ they are the Hercules of real estate innovation.

The names behind management of 'Vibrant Group' are :-

Mr. Pravin Kumar Jain: Chairman & Founder

Vibrant Group came into existence because 20 years back one man gave all he could to make it a reality. That honor goes to Chairman Pravin Kumar Jain who started this venture after a successful stint as Jewellery Merchant. He is the heart of Vibrant and all his principles, vision and values are its core fundamentals. He gave the young generation of Vibrant Group a chance to look around and transform Mumbai. His sole motive was to give a cherished style of living to Mumbaikars.

Mr. Ameeth Jaiin: Director

Vibrant Group has taken a leap towards modernization of thoughts under AmeethJaiin. His experience of over 12 years in real estate industry and his forward approach has given wings to the organization. His qualification of L.L.B. from K.C. College of Law and MBAfrom S. P. Jain Institute and ground experience of a decade has made ‘Vibrant Group’ the best in management of society re-development projects and its execution. He has enhanced the brand value of the company through his organizational reforms, high standard working structure and ambitious visions.

Mr. HemantJaiin: Director

Hemant Jaiin started his corporate journey as a director with a background of being a qualified graduate from Jai Hind College. He strengthened the backbone of the organization by taking projects to high level of success and todifferent scale. His experience of 15 years in real estate industry has helped the company understand the micro aspects of real estates and make a unique approach to ground realities. He brought further strength to the management team with his capability to manage redevelopment projects, liaoning, legal documentation and evaluation of new proposals.

Mr. Sanddesh Jain: Director

Sanddesh Jain became a director with an educational background of being a graduate from Jai Hind College. His 9 years of experience with land acquisition at strategic locations and expertise in managing external prospects have been a boon for ‘Vibrant Group’. Sanddesh Jain played an pivotal role in acquiring fresh projects at important locations;negotiating deals with land owners, societies, networking for joint venture and strike tenders.


They are just not restricted to being the management team or leaders, but they are the path breakers, guiding source, and four pillars of the 20year old organization. What set them apart?Theyhave high stakesin the organization and carry the legacy; that’s not what sets them apart… But there’s more into it!

They have passion for their work; add dynamism to the organization, harness talent, preach motivation, inspire energetic work flow, bet for growth orientation, and is qualified enough to keep the highly esteem organization moving forth. These are what set them apart...

The management team at ‘Vibrant Group’ is like an umbrella ~ No matter either it’s raining or scorching heat. It’s going to be there for its team, values, ethics and organization at large. The talented core team is centralized and complimented by an extremely proficient team of individuals.

They set the stage for the management teams formulated policies, ethics, objectives and attainable goals.They work like warriors at war with a deep respect for its core value, mission to accomplished and ideals to be delivered