History is a result of actions, acknowledgement, realization and past memoirs...The brightness of history depends on the goodness of thoughts and actions in past.

Vibrant Group history is footprints of Jain Family and their business evolution. The humble journey that started as a jewelleryentrepreneur was shaped over the years to reach the pinnacle of success. In 1981, two brothers honest to their self conscience started jewellery business; unknown of their destiny and future.

But in best of days and during testing times the brothers never followed the path of temptation or dishonesty. These two brothers are none, but Mr. Pravin Kumar Jain and his elder brother Mr. Prakash Chand Jain. The brothers have always been respected, loved and sourced for jewellery dealings; as they were honest in transaction, guaranteed metal purity, and valued others money.

The goodwill that emerged from their history of honesty, oneness, goodness and hard-work resulted in a legacy to be carried forward by the next generation of Jain’s. Mr. Pravin Kumar Jain enjoyed great success in Jewellery business and his ambitious instinct wanted to make his family business consolidation firm.

In, the year 1994 Mr. Pravin Kumar Jain entered the real estate business.Less was expected at that time and less was known; but as history recalls today its journey has been full of success, great works, and strong reputation and full of praise.


Notes from History of Vibrant Group & Jain Business Evolution:


Interesting history’s is often a result of great works, risk calculation, brave fight backs and standing tall against all odds