Latest Launch : Vibrant BayVue, Dr. M.B. Velkar Street, Marine lines East, Mumbai - 400 002.

About Vibrant Group

Leadership Team

Management Team as the word suggest quantifies the need to manage the organization’s goals, set new objectivesand assure that they will be achieved over the time. At ‘Vibrant Group’ they are more than being ‘management team’ they are the Hercules of real estate innovation.

Company Profile

From small but significant beginnings in the year 1994 Vibrant has made rapid and conscientious strides in the field of real estate development, rising to Mumbai's reputed real estate developer and preferred luxury home developer.

Vision and Mission

Vibrant Group was started with a vision of one man. Today, it became the aspiration for millions and a mission for the entire teamof Vibrant. When it started, its vision was to discover the hidden redevelopment potential of real estate industryand in the processto transform the city of Mumbai.

Chairman Message

Redevelopment of buildings is a task similar to nurturing the sick. Not many would like to venture into nurturing projects. Redevelopment was a concept that came to our mind after realizing redevelopment potential of the glamorous city of Mumbai.

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V 55 Dr.E.Moses Road, Mumbai - 400 018


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